Specialist Doctor SEÇİL EKİNCİ ÇİNİ


Name Surname: Specialist Doctor SEÇİL EKİNCİ ÇİNİ
Polyclinic: Physical Therapy 3
Contact Address: dr.secilekinci@gmail.com
Education Information: Ege University Faculty of Medicine 2001)
Katip Çelebi University Faculty of Medicine FTR Clinic (2006)
Duties: Erzurum palandöken State hospital
Private Atafizik FTR Center
private Medicalpark hospital
Private Water hospital
Turgutlu State Hospital
Areas of Interest: Therapeutic exercises - Neurological rehabilitation
Orthopedic rehabilitation - Pain caused by musculoskeletal system - Joint and trigger point injections
Foreign Language: English
Scientific Institutions Becoming a Member: TTB -TFTRD