The Otolaryngologist is a doctor trained in the medical and surgical treatment of the structures related to the ears, nose, throat and head and neck. Treatment of diseases of the ear, nose, nasal passage, sinuses, larynx, oral cavity, upper pharynx and structures located on the face and neck (such as neck masses, thyroid, salivary glands) are covered by the Ear Nose Throat section.
The unique interest of an Otorhinolaryngologist is the ears. This includes hearing disorders, ear infections, balance disorders, facial nerve or head nerve disorders, as well as medical and surgical treatment of congenital diseases and cancers of the outer ear and inner ear.
   - Tinnitus
   - Earwax (Bush)
   - Serous Otit
   Outer Ear Inflammation
   Acute Middle Ear Inflammation
   - Hearing loss
The nasal cavity and care of the sinuses are among the earliest duties of the Otolaryngologist. Nasal cavity, paranasal sinuses, allergy, olfactory and nasal respiratory disorders and disorders related to the external appearance of the nose are the areas of interest of the Otorhinolaryngology.
   - Smell Disorders
   - Rhinolight
   - Nose Aesthetics - Rhinoplasty
   Sinusitis (Acute, Chronic)
Specifically for Ear Nose and Throat specialization, this specialization is included in the treatment of diseases of the larynx and upper respiratory and digestive tract or digestive tract. This includes sound, breathing, and swallowing disorders.
  - Sleep apnea
  - Tonsil Surgery
  - Snoring
  - tonsilitis
Head and neck:
Otorhinolaryngologists are trained for the treatment of infectious diseases, tumors (malignant and benign), facial trauma and facial deformities in the head and neck region. They perform cosmetic, plastic and repair surgery applications.
An Otorhinolaryngologist can work with doctors from other medical and surgical specialties. Neurosurgeons in the treatment of skull base diseases, plastic surgeons in the treatment of cosmetic and traumatic deformity, ophthalmologists in the treatment of structural abnormalities near the eyes, dermatologists in the treatment of skin cancer, oncologists in the treatment of head and neck cancer, general in the child and general society They share common areas with pediatricians and family physicians in the treatment of infectious, congenital, traumatic and malignant diseases and disorders.