About Us

The State Hospital, built in 1917 in the center of Menemen, served with 35 beds with the contributions of the people of the district and expanded with time and served with 75 beds until the end of 2004. Moved to the new building on Manisa - Manisa highway. The hospital, which started to serve with 100 beds on a 35,000 m2 area and 8,100 m2 closed area, was increased to 122 in the middle of 2006 due to need. Later, it reached to 203 bed capacity with B block which was put into service in 2009. Our hospital has a total of 213 patients with 14 beds, Stage 2 Intensive Care and 10 Beds Palliative Care Services. All rooms of our hospital have been converted into a qualified room and provided with a more contemporary approach. The number of inpatients is approximately 15.000 per year.
Our newly created Emergency Service has been one of the emergency services of Izmir province with its 850 m2 area. The unit, which serves with 10 inspection and 16 observation beds, is classified as second-line emergency service. The emergency service applied by 156.000 patients annually provides service with its experienced staff for 24 hours.
Our hospital's laboratory moved to its new location as of January 2010. In this way, the laboratory units in different places were collected under the central laboratory. With an annual average of 650 thousand examinations, our patients are offered the best service.
Menemen State Hospital is the practitioner and follower of the necessary training, equipment and investment activities in order to maximize patient and employee satisfaction while providing all these services and to provide continuous improvement.