Neurology is the medical science that deals with nervous system physiology and diseases. Nervous system; the brain consists of the spinal cord (spinal cord) and the peripheral nervous system. Diseases that develop in any of these three departments and do not require surgical intervention are performed by the neurology department. Neurology is divided into two branches as adult and child neurology. In our neurology department, our clinic provides inpatient and inpatient services as well as intensive care services in the follow-up of diseases that require intensive care.
The main neurological diseases can be examined under the following headings;
Brain and Vascular Diseases
Dementia (Dementia)
Movement Disorders
Sleeping disorders
Demyelinating diseases
Muscle Diseases
Our Main Examinations in the Neurology Department;
EEG (Child-Big, Sleep-Wakefulness)
EMG (Child-Big)